The inception of Khidmat-e-Hussaini, originated from years of distorted as well as targeted, and individualistic as well as grouped efforts of numerous individuals in Bufferzone area, under the inspiration, guidance and tireless support of our most respected shia scholars, heads of religious organizations and elders of our shia community, for the common goal of pleasing the Imam (AS) of our times, through preservation, promotion and propagation of the very spirit of Azadari-e-Sayed-ush-Shaudah Imam Hussain (AS).

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Mission Statement

We strive to:
To establish, preserve, protect, propagate, promote, and facilitate the shia school of thought and the very spirit of Azadari-e-Syed-ush-Shohada Imam Hussain (a.s) as a separate brand identity, as compared to other sects and as a way of life as opposed to a part of life.

To provide a single platform to all Shia organizations, which will help us unite our resources to benefit the community at large; especially our youth.

To develop the wisdom, virtue and strength to better understand and embrace the values and concepts of Azadari in our day to day lives.

To undertake and organize programmes, Azadari events and all such other acts and deeds to promote peace, harmony and amity in the society and for physical, mental, psychological, intellectual, social, cultural development of individual, groups and communities.